Conversation Films

Our Conversations Films show that getting our Heads Together and talking about our mental health can really help. They show that two heads are better than one. Please share to give more people the confidence to have these conversations for the first time.

If you don’t feel you have someone you can talk to about your mental health, have a look at the confidential support services run by our Charity Partners

Dan & Rich Changing The Conversation

Dan and Rich reflect on an important mental health conversation they had, that helped Dan cope when he needed it most.

Alex & Katie Starting the Conversation

Alex & Katie share their experience of needing to talk it through, after a difficult phone call at work

#ThereForMe - Yvonne and Allyson's Story

Yvonne thanks Allyson for the support she gave her through the difficult time of losing her mum and dad. This is their story.

#Thereforme - Jess & Caroline's Story of battling Anorexia as a Family

Jess was diagnosed with anorexia four years ago. She says the illness tainted nearly every aspect of life; she was too physically and mentally exhausted to focus on anything. Jess's mum Caroline encouraged her to ask for help; to do things like yoga and reading to manage stress. This is their story.

#Thereforme - Gary & Maria's Story of (PTSD) And Getting Help

Gary was diagnosed with PTSD after serving in the army for 17 years. He survived an ambush but rather than dealing with it, he said he used to bury everything, not wanting to show weakness to the troops. It was Maria who urged him to get the help he needed, she first contacted Combat Stress. This is their story.

#Thereforme - Mark & Michelle's Story on Perinatal Mental Health

Both Mark and his wife Michelle suffered crippling anxiety after the birth of their son and Mark hit rock bottom when he began to experience suicidal thoughts. This is their story of perinatal mental health and how they've supported each other.

#ThereForMe - Morgan and Mitch's story

When Morgan discovered she was pregnant, she became nervous about disclosing previous mental health issues. This is her story of how her midwife, Mitch helped ease her worries.

#ThereForMe - Jamie and Helen's Story On Coping with Bereavement

Jamie's wife Nic was just 35, when she was diagnosed with cancer. Jamie nursed Nic his wife for just over four months, and watched the cancer slowly take her. Going from running his own business to being a full-time carer, and both dad and mum to his son. The past seven years have seen him suffer from a wide-ranging catalogue of mental health problems: depression, anxiety, insomnia and lack of confidence. Helen his best friend showed how it really is OK to ask for help.

#ThereForMe - Craig and Anne's Story

Without his key worker Anne's support Craig doesn't know where he'd be. Craig's mental health started to deteriorate after he left the army. His marriage broke down resulting in him being left without a home. He was finally offered a place at a residence providing independent accommodation and support for ex-service personnel who find themselves homeless. This is their story.

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